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Alignment Of The Human Resources Strategy Commerce Essay

A corporate plan is the one which speaks to the general vision and the crucial an organization. Numerous organizations neglect to focus on this and all they center is around the bring forthing the products and ventures believing it fulfills the requests and needs of the customer which is other than of import yet is non everything an organization does. Let ‘s get down up with the purpose of the task, the ground for this examination is to gauge the linkage of an organization ‘s human asset ‘s conspire and the corporate plan. Presently by the corporate plan here we mean is the general vision set by the organization. This announcement can be defended by numerous essayists and is the existent certainty that everybody in the organization ought to cognize. The ground is that the organizations bomb to a great extent is, they are non ready to set up a powerful plan ( Verena, V 2006 ) of their utilitarian nations, for example, the HR, selling, fund and so forth. The task is focusing predominantly with the HR and it ‘s arranging and the corporate plan. â€Å" Corporate plan concerns two distinct requests: what concern the enterprise ought to be in and how the corporate office should pull off the variety of the worry units. † ( Porter, M. 1990 ) The above definition uncovers two aspects that first every organization ought to cognize the business it is covering. Second, the extent of concern units an organization bargains in. Presently clearly the corporate plan can non be satisfied without the correct commitment of the HR as such the representatives to pull out the most ideal outcome ( Rowe, A. 2006 ) . Subsequently the build of alining the HR plan could be separated by this impression. Hence, this task assesses the plans laid by Singapore Airlines so as to achieve the general corporate plan of the organization. The bit of this exploration is the basic factor which would hold made the overseeing of the representatives shockingly better dependent on the writing utilized in the evaluation. THE CORPORATE STRATEGY AND OBJECTIVES OF SINGAPORE AIRLINESOverviewSingapore Airlines is an enhanced organization covering in grouped related concerns having fitting to an article composed by Heracleous, L. , Wirtz, J. , viz. : Singapore Airport Terminal ( 80.8 % ) Singapore Engineering Company ( 81 % ) Singapore Airlines Cargo ( 100 % ) Silk Air ( 100 % ) Tiger Airways ( 49 % ) Virgin Atlantic ( 49 % )Corporate SchemeGiven that the organization bargains in enhanced concerns Singapore Airlines at its corporate degree follows the plan of related variegation. A related variegation conspire is in which: â€Å" †¦ an organization works in a few worries that are someway connected to each other † ( Ricky, W. Griffin 2007 ) Fitting to Ricky, W. Griffin there are three fundamental advantages of using such a plan which are: The organizations that utilization such a plan do non rely upon any one concern cut bringing down the financial threats. They chop down the working uses for example the expenses are isolated by the figure of concerns. There is an intelligent assault of lolling the qualities and ability through a figure of concerns it works in.AimHarmonizing to an article composed by Jochen W, Loizos H, and Nitin P, the points of Singapore Airlines were to: Gracefully a predominant customer fulfillment that will be reliable and respectably estimated. A lovely ROI to the investors and bring forthing equivalent total compensations to manage the cost of a sufficient help for investings. Build up the best Human Resources designs that draw, develop, spur and hold the work power which play a capacity in achieving the house ‘s points. Amplify the limit of activities and use all the accessible assets. With the above alluded plan and points of Singapore Airlines through the bore witness to beginnings obviously the house from it ‘s truly establishing has a build of pull offing its ‘ workers ( cost effectivity ) in such a way, that it conveys and continues a five star administration. Note: This region is intentionally perfect A CRITICAL EVALUATION OF HUMAN RESOURCES STRATEGIES IN CONTEXT TO SINGAPORE AIRLINES Realizing that Singapore Airlines has a corporate plan that is connected separated one and the point of the house is to achieve driving for in a top of the line administration which implies the vision of the Singapore Airlines is to stay before the adversaries. Presently by this it other than assessed that it is an air hose industry which is a help based industry. A sensible impression to procure from the points set by Singapore Airlines is that it needs to focus on using the assets in such a way, that it ends up being in greatness and the interest of best individuals with best open introduction through their achievements. In a situation of such a sort this task takes a basic reappraisal of the plans laid by the organization with the guide of accessible writing on in what manner can an undaunted do the best open introduction sending and redeploying the HR and the HR plans utilized by Singapore Airlines. These plans can be extricated by the guide of the graph given beneath which is trailed by the record of every one of the scheme.RECRUITMENT AND SELECTIONâ€Å" Furthermore, â€Å" the individuals enlisted † in an undertaking or an association makes the worry human progress which can closer view attempts ‘ puts and do them not the same as opponents. † ( Vinet, N. 2010 ) The definition spring by Vinet draws an of import that the enrolling plan ought to be finished with the coalition of the desired point of an organization as it is the individuals in the organization who bargain who speak to the undertaking by making a development and that separates the organizations from the challengers. An exploration directed by Jochen W, Loizos H, and Nitin P Singapore Airlines is the one which is a lot of worry of this undertaking as they lay a careful plan in the enrolling technique and a thorough methodology of picking the representatives. The strategy of enlisting and selection of representatives experiences the undermentioned stages as assessed from the exploration: Gauge enrolling and Screening: at the extremely first measure from an extent of appliers the appearing of the appliers is made on the bases of their age ranges, scholarly makings and physical properties. Meetings: the appliers which are fruitful in the indicating are more remote take three unit of ammo of meetings. Uniform test: the appliers after the meeting stages need to go through the trial of their visual angles in the uniform. Water preliminaries: an affirmation degree testing is done of the appliers ‘ for example they are made to jump in H2O from a height of three meters, this gives the situation to the questioner what the response of them will be if such a situation comes up where they need to accompany the riders in the H2O. Psychometric preliminary: the mental preliminaries are so conduct to pass judgment on the knowledge, perspectives, aptitudes and characters of the appliers. After the enrolling is made the fruitful appliers are more remote observed on a multi month test thus contracted for five mature ages if effective. This methodology of choosing is a most thorough technique by which Singapore Airlines guarantees that they enlist the individuals with right achievements ascribes the organization wants to hold to achieve the set aims.Training AND DEVELOPMENTAn article Greg Procknow gives five of import grounds concerning why planning is fundamental in an organization: Preparing adds to the general plan. Guarantees the quality out of the workers through the arrangement and improvement. Guaranting the security and wellbeing is kept among the workers each piece great as the customers Drawing in the gifted individuals and hold the bing 1s. Non-monetary wagess for the workers for representation: exposures. Singapore Airlines has a decent lucifer given better than that it believes that planning is pool that joins itself with the representatives. It holds a decent highlight on the arrangement on the workers focusing on the point that being a help based organization the representatives the only methods by which it can achieve its key points and adhere to the corporate plan. In this way an examination directed by Jochen W, Loizos H, and Nitin P, Singapore Airlines bunch has seven readiness schools for the seven boss spots of activities and administration movement: Lodge group Flight tasks Business planning Data building Security Air terminal administrations planning and innovation Further the readiness classs are led on a four and twenty nine months for the bing representatives to help them cognize and follow what the organization anticipates from them. Singapore Airlines follows comprehensive plan in building up the HR which is non just worried about the health and wellbeing issues yet next to on the useful issues and excellence consideration, high-caliber and outsider supplement and vino, craft of discussion. The house has a Management Development Center ( MDC ) other than offers general bearing readiness under the skyline of the HR division.Service DELIVERY TEAMS[ Maximizing PERFORMANCE ]Harmonizing to Jochen W, Loizos H, and Nitin P, the highlight is laid so as to pull out a high estimation of open introduction from the workers through open introduction appraisals. Through the open introduction examinations the organization is doing the crews efficacious in executing. The open introduction is assessed and guaranteed through the devotees: The pioneers or the organization administer the staff advancements The Staff open introductions are assessed and imparted to them through appraisals. The staffs are managed irregularly. Inputs are taken other than from the observed. An improved checking is finished setting up on the representatives criticism. As a result of such a bar

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Write a Great Conclusion for a Research Paper

Write a Great Conclusion for a Research Paper When creating a good research work, its conclusion must sound like a last accord in the song. This is the last part of your work, so it should make the reader feel that your piece is finished and well-done. If the audience will stay impressed after reading your work, they will definitely read more of your papers in the future. If you feel stuck during writing a good conclusion paragraph for a research paper, we are here to help you in this! Follow all rules you found in this guide, and we promise you will create a bright and strong last paragraph. We have gathered important tips about this paragraphs goal, what information you should bring there, and how to make it effective. Keep in your mind that a weak and uninteresting conclusion makes the entire paper weak, no matter how good you made it. The main mission of the last paragraph When you finish a research paper, its important to summarize the aim and content of the entire work without making it too long. In the final part, you must restate a thesis statement and sum up all important points of the work. This is a last paragraph of the project and it should make the audience feel that your work is finished. What to include into the conclusion? If you need to know how to write a conclusion for a research paper, you have to remember these three rules: You need to keep the introduction paragraph around, but you shouldnt rewrite a thesis from there. All you need is to restate it with other words. A good conclusion should have at least 3 sentences, this is a minimum. In this paragraph, you need to finish your paper without bringing any new ideas and information. How to write a conclusion for a research paper step-by-step Follow these simple steps to finish your work properly: Rephrase the topic and explain why your paper is important. Make sure you do it shortly; usually the one sentence is enough. Rephrase your thesis from the introduction. But dont make it the same to that thesis statement. Sum up the main things shortly. It means you need to provide the audience with information you put in the main part of your work. Explain your points shortly. You have to summarize your argument and if needed, to call people to the action. More tips how to write a good conclusion for a research paper Here are several hints how to make your last paragraph effective. Your last part of work should be written similar to the first part. But dont repeat those words, try to rephrase them. Tie your work by connecting your conclusion with the introduction. Here are the main rules how to do it: Put a question at the beginning of your paper, and provide your readers with the answer at the end. Put an interesting story at the very beginning, but dont share the end of it. Then provide the continuation at the last part. Find and read samples. A bright and successful example of a conclusion for a research paper can be quite helpful to create your own paragraph. Finish your work logically. Make a logical and clear opinion supported by strong evidence. Bring a question instead of making an explanation. This will force the readers to form their own understanding of your work. Make people to do some action, give them a recommendation or suggestion. Writing a conclusion for a research paper: guide to avoid mistakes Avoid phrases “in the conclusion”, “at the end of research”, “in summary”. Such phrases can weak your work. They sound very unnatural and your last paragraph sounds too straight to the audience. Instead, we suggest using phrases “As my paper demonstrated”, “To sum up”, “We can say”, etc. Dont bring any new facts in this part. This is not a right place for it â€" all such things should be put in the body part of the work. Avoid phrases “I think”, “My opinion is”, “I can say that”. You should provide readers with the conclusion made by points you put into the paper, but not by your own opinion. All work is based on facts, so the conclusion should end your paper with phrases “By all counts”, “According to provided results”, “By summing up all things we said above”. Dont bring any apologies. Such phrases like “I am not a good expert in this”, “My thoughts could be wrong”, “I am not sure”. In general, a research paper shouldnt be created from the first person words. Usually, only informal papers are written this way, so it cant be used for a formal paper. When you finished the last part, make sure you checked it for grammar and logical errors. Remember that your work must look professional and clear, so dont forget to pay attention to this thing. Successful sample of a conclusion paragraph for a research paper There is no doubt that smoking affects people health. Smokers get lungs cancer much often than other people, plus their life is shorter compared to non-smokers. According to research provided in this paper, smokers can get many other health problems like high pressure, heart attack, problems with skin, stomach and a bad cough. Their lungs couldnt provide them with enough air, and every new cigarette puts them closer to death. Dont let this bad habit to kill you, but make your life better and quit! We do hope this guide was helpful for you. Follow all tips we provided you in the article, and create a bright and logical conclusion for your research paper. Of course, writing is not easy, but when you know all the needed rules and understand the way of building your work, then you will create a successful paper!

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Profile of Mary Lacey Sr. & Mary Lacey Jr, Salem Trials

The name â€Å"Mary Lacey† belongs to two women involved in the Salem witch trials of 1692: Mary Lacey the mother (referred to here as Mary Lacey Sr.), and her daughter Mary Lacey (referred to here as Mary Lacey Jr.). Mary Lacey Facts Known for:  in the 1692  Salem witch trialsAge at time of Salem witch trials:  Mary Lacey Sr. was about 40, and Mary Lacey Jr. was 15 or 18 (sources differ)Dates: Mary Lacey Sr.:  July 9, 1652- 1707.  Mary Lacey Jr.: 1674? - ?Also known as:  Mary Lacy Family, Background: Mary Lacey Sr. was the daughter of Ann Foster and her husband, Andrew Foster.  Ann Foster emigrated from England in 1635.  Mary Lacey Sr. was born about 1652.  She married Lawrence Lacey on August 5, 1673. Mary Lacey Jr. was born about 1677. Mary Lacey and the Salem Witch Trials When Elizabeth Ballard of Andover fell ill with a fever in 1692, the doctors suspected witchcraft, knowing of the events in nearby Salem.  Ann Putnam Jr. and Mary Wolcott were called to Andover to see if they could identify the witch, and they fell into fits upon seeing Ann Foster, a 70-something widow.  She was arrested and sent to Salem jail on July 15. She was examined on July 16 and 18.  She resisted acknowledging that she had committed any witchcraft. An arrest warrant was issued against Mary Lacey Jr. on July 20th, for â€Å"Committed Sundry acts of witchcraft on Eliz Ballerd, the wife of Jos Ballerd of Andover. to her great hurt.† She was arrested the next day and brought to an examination by John Hathorne, Jonathan Corwin, and John Higginson.  Mary Warren fell into a violent fit at the sight of her.  Mary Lacey Jr. testified that she had seen her mother, grandmother and Martha Carrier flying on poles given by the Devil.  Ann Foster, Mary Lacey Sr. and Mary Lacey Jr. were examined again that same day by Bartholomew Gedney, Hathorne, and Corwin, â€Å"accused of practicing witchcraft upon Goody Ballard.† Mary Lacey Sr. accused her mother of witchcraft, probably to help deflect the charges against herself and her daughter.  Ann Foster had until that time denied the charges; she may have shifted strategies to save her daughter and granddaughter. Mary Lacey Sr. was indicted for bewitching Mercy Lewis in Salem on July 20. On September 14, the testimony of those who charged Mary Lacey Sr. with witchcraft was delivered in writing.  On September 17, the court tried and convicted  Rebecca Eames, Abigail Faulkner, Ann Foster, Abigail Hobbs, Mary Lacey Sr., Mary Parker, Wilmott Redd, Margaret Scott, and Samuel Wardwell, and they were condemned to be executed. Later in September, the last eight convicted of witchcraft were hanged, and at the end of the month, the Court of Oyer and Terminer stopped meeting. Mary Lacey After the Trials Mary Lacey Jr was released from custody on October 6, 1692, on a bond. Ann Foster died in jail in December of 1692; Mary Lacey was eventually released.  Mary Lacey Jr. was indicted on January 13 for â€Å"covenanting.† In 1704, Mary Lacey Jr. married Zerubbabel Kemp. Lawrence Lacey sued for restitution for Mary Lacey in 1710.  In 1711, the  legislature of the Province of Massachusetts Bay  restored all rights to many of those who had been accused in the 1692 witch trials. Included were George Burroughs, John Proctor, George Jacob, John Willard, Giles and  Martha Corey,  Rebecca Nurse,  Sarah Good, Elizabeth How,  Mary Easty, Sarah Wilds, Abigail Hobbs, Samuel Wardell, Mary Parker,  Martha Carrier, Abigail Faulkner, Anne Foster, Rebecca Eames, Mary Post, Mary Lacey, Mary Bradbury and Dorcas Hoar. Mary Lacey Sr. died in 1707.

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Technology And Its Effect On Human Development - 888 Words

Memory, as the most basic mode of information transfer in human experience, has shaped identity and created continuity through time throughout history. Historically, technology has provided memory-aid devices to assist human’s interactions with information. However, with the prevalence of computers and digital technologies today, there are modern concerns about whether the use of technology is to assist human activity and that to replace human intelligence. While current debates rage on about the value and consequences of technological infringement on human memory, it is inevitable that technology will continue to change. Though the development of technology might be having a detrimental effect on memory, human should not fear, but learn to adapt to the rapid growth of technology. Over the history, technology has been used not only to preserve, but also to propagate information that was once the territory of memory. Boornstin describes the enormous impact on the Western world due to the introduction of the printing press. With the proliferation of printed books, ideas spread much more quickly and abstractions resulting from those ideas were easier to pass on and develop amongst the learned. As the volume of information grew, improvements in the structure of the printed format, such as continuous pagination, tables of contents, and indexes allowed easier reference to the information contained within books (Boornstin, 1983). All of these developments simultaneously eased theShow MoreRelatedNegative Effects Of Technology1022 Words   |  5 PagesTechnology affects every aspect of our lives. We as humans use it every day with little to no thought. Humans are becoming more reliant on the internet and other forms of technology to receive their information and comm unicate. However, the increase in the use of technology has had a negative effect on humans’ health and development and communication. Technology changes the way we live our daily lives, the way we develop, and the way we communicate. Technology is a double edged sword. The internetRead More Early Humans and the Environment Essay1092 Words   |  5 PagesEarly Humans and the Environment Approximately 3.5 million years ago our ancestors first learned to walk upright. They were â€Å"homo erectus†, and with this innovation of walking upright they began to appreciated some things that we take for granted today like having our hands free, and increased mobility. As humans progressed along their history they earned the distinction of â€Å"homo sapiens†. This title was conferred as the brain casing increased in size indicating the developmental processRead MoreTechnology has Effects in Our Lives The development of technology has significantly changed700 Words   |  3 PagesTechnology has Effects in Our Lives The development of technology has significantly changed society. An endless number of People all over the world use and benefit from modern technology, and the incredible opportunities it provides play a significant role in almost all fields of human life. Technology has simplified the access to many necessary tools people need in education, industry, medicine, communication, transportation, and so on. However, excessive usage of technology has its drawbacksRead MoreIs Entertainment Technology Beneficial?902 Words   |  4 PagesIs entertainment technology beneficial to infants from birth to the age of two? Entertainment technology is the discipline of using manufactured or created components to enhance or make possible in any sort of entertainment experience( Entertainment technology is used for many different reasons as well as necessities such as work, school, communication, and social media. The rapid emergence of entertainment technology has changed the way the world works and interacts with each otherRead MoreTrying to Erradicate Poverty and Extreme Poverty1351 Words   |  5 Pagesto feed and shelter the poor but people in the North consume so much. The rich benefit from this inequality while the poor suffer. One way to raise the standard of living in a country would be through economic development. The Global North was able to achieve this economic development through the boom of technological progress during the Industrial Revolution. This economic growth catapulted these countries into the modern age while poor countries were left in the dust. As these countries got richerRead MoreHow Technology Has Impacted Modern Society1493 Words   |  6 PagesIn the 21st century, conventional society is characterized by a digital age of technology which supplies the individual with innumerable facets of entertainment and an endless stream of information. Technology not only provides us with an unchallenging route of accessing knowledge, it also makes many activities which once required some physical or mental effort, easy. The list of how technology has positively impacted modern society through medicine, mechanics, and research is too long to be writtenRead MoreThe Earth s Land Resources Essay 965 Words   |  4 PagesArctic, desert, and other places humans cannot survive, everyone can use an area of less than 0.023 sq . km ., which is most used for farming, therefore, so the lands can be used to living is very few. Green building design through a variety of methods to make the building as a whole in conjunction with the site, the site through the use of natural features to increase the comfort of humans, while reducing the impact of human activities on the environmentRead MoreSocial Learning Theory : Theory Of Reward And Punishment Of Behavioral Reinforcement955 Words   |  4 Pagesin understanding childhood development and human behavior in the cyber environment and â€Å"sociotechnical† environment of ANT and human ghosting. Social learning theory can also help in understanding impacts of technological developments on human beings. People learn from each other how to behave in a new environment. Social learning theory explains many childhood social, moral, and cognitive developments in people’s environment, which could be applied to understanding human ghosting phenomena in cyberRead MoreTechnology Devices Can Enhance Social Development For Children Essay1491 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Purpose: The purpose of this literature review is to determine whether technology devices can enhance social development for children in schools. This literature review summarises peer and non-peer reviewed literature nationally and internationally. I mainly researched data bases from Porirua Library. Outline: This literature review summarises peer and non-peer reviewed literature nationally and internationally. I mainly researched data bases from Porirua Library. Literature was gainedRead MoreTechnology On Our Generation s Future1239 Words   |  5 PagesPhilosophy December 16, 2016 Technology on our Generation’s Future Technology is machinery created by scientific knowledge that serves an active role in our industries (Computerhope). Around the world technology has become one of the most popular forms of communication (Computerhope). Starting with regular rotary phones and advancing into Instagram, twitter and facetime. Technology dating back to 1943 when the first computer was created by J. Presper Eckert

One Nation Under Corn Free Essays

A position paper done in fall of 2012 on the cause and affect of the industrialized corn crop. I decided on this subject after my own battle with illness. This battle, ended up changing my diet, and my life as it turns out. We will write a custom essay sample on One Nation Under Corn? or any similar topic only for you Order Now I have almost completely removed any corn derived product from my life (all-be-it difficult sometimes) and am a proponent of a purely organic vegetarian diet. One Nation Under Corn? Chad Cribb DeVry University One Nation Under Corn One of the many freedoms we enjoy in this great country is the freedom to choose what you will eat and when you will eat it. Pull up to your favorite fast food burger restaurant, and little thought goes into the entire process. From the drive there, to the ordering of your food, and the packaging they are contained in. When we think more about it, as Michael Pollan did in his book, â€Å"The Omnivore’s Dilemma†, there is a whole lot more going on. Pollan dives deep into the heart of our nation’s fascination with the corn crop and its many uses. Corn started out as a crop grown to feed its people. But in this day and age, very little is actually eaten. Corn has become a giant in the food industry, at a low price; thanks in part to the government help. We started this nation as one based in principle and in the pursuit of freedom†¦. and now it seems†¦ corn. But who is the real beneficiary of this corn crop? And just as important†¦who are the losers? Corn has been around since recorded history and has played a major role in trade and many complex social societies. Corn’s spread across the globe began after contact between the European colonial powers and indigenous peoples of North and South America. It continued on to Africa during the slave trades and was used to actually pay for them. What’s more, it was a source of power for the African middlemen involved in the slave trade. Fast forward now to the 1940’s and 1950’s as corn and corn based foods became crucial in the agriculture market to sustain military troops during the war. It was after the war that America saw a huge surplus in corn yield partly due to the new hybrid seeds and fertilizers that had recently been manufactured. This surplus had a dramatic effect on the market and the market prices. It was these prices, over the years that caused unpredictable price swings (Wise 2005-9). As our population has increasingly grown thru the years, our need for more food has increased along with it. The polarity between the two was unbalanced and by using the free market approach, farmers regularly had booms and busts in the market. Making farmers the target of continued and increasing depressed prices in their crop. The government soon stepped in with â€Å"The New Deal†, in order to bring supply into line with demand, an approach known as â€Å"supply management† using conservation set-asides, a price floor guaranteeing a fair price (like having a minimum wage), and a grain reserve to deal with overproduction. What was not widely known, it appears, is the corporate-world began lobbying for a free market approach again. Beginning in the 1970’s, they used the World Food Crisis and the Russian Wheat Deal to validate their argument to government. Coupling that with the notion of â€Å"getting government out of agriculture†. The result of that was that prices collapsed by the late 1990’s and the government had to bail out farmers with millions in emergency subsidy payments. Prices completely collapsed shortly after the 1996 Freedom to Farm Act, causing expensive taxpayer bailouts. By 2000, subsidies provided 49% of farmers’ net income. This has helped the corn industry to comprise 95% of all food grain produced in America (USDA 2010). The government’s well-intended approach to help â€Å"prop up† the industry, in fact, created a market dependent on the very subsidies that were created to help it. Between 1995 and 2006, the government paid out $56 billion in corn subsidies (Wise 2005-12). What’s more, it helps create a market monopoly. With only 3 companies controlling 90% of the corn market, 2 companies controlling the corn seed market, and 4 companies controlling the high fructose corn syrup industry, the answer should be clear. But as Pollan points out, â€Å"It’s not about who is profiting, but rather who is suffering† (Pollan 2006). Most of what we see in the news is the emphasis placed in the trials and tribulations of the farmer, for the benefit of the consumer. But is it really the consumer who benefits? If the price of food per calorie is the magic calculation, then the answer is yes. But if the average weight per person is, then the answer is no. As the corn industry exploded and the number of companies shrank, corn began a new transformation into other parts of the food industry and more. This came in the form of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), gasoline additives, plastics, and cattle feed to name a few. Cattle feed now encompasses over 50% of the industrialized corn produced in America (Wise 2005-11). The increase of this has helped create the perpetual cycle that has infested the industry, and moreover, the agricultural policy that affects it. The overproduction of corn has led to an overconsumption of corn; mostly in an indirect way. America’s agriculture and international trade policies have created an environment that breeds monopolies and corruption. Big business lobbyist has taken hold in an industry that believes in the â€Å"bottom line†. This philosophy has squeezed out the once popular sugar cane, and ushered in the cheaper, easily produced, HFCS for its products. Because the government has placed so many incentives on the production of corn, other more healthy crops have been left behind. Crops like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains have quickly become a thing of the past. The relationship between government and business has become as unhealthy as the population consuming the products they produce. At one point, it almost looks like the industry wanted the market to crash and the government to step in. One would ask why anyone would want that. Because subsidizing the industrial crop ensures it stays at a cheap price for one. Secondly, the corporations who buy corn to turn into high fructose corn syrup (used in almost every food product) or as feed for livestock, or ethanol for vehicles operations have profited by the billions. Thirdly, the corporate consolidation of our food system as whole. When you think about it, it reaches thru banks, seeds, fertilizers, grain traders, food processors, manufacturing plant, to retailing. Walsh says, â€Å"This kind f uncompetitive market squeezes the farmer on both sides† (Walsh-2009). This notion seems to place a lot of blame on the subsidies themselves. My contention is that subsidies are not the problem with our food system, but merely a product of a broken system. To fix the farm policy, legislators must first have a clear understanding of who wins and who loses under the current system and why. Also, the high tariffs placed on sugar cane need to be downsized to allow for balance in the market. But this is a prime example of how the government’s intention to help has unintentional consequences. I believe that the root of our problem today is the â€Å"clinging† to a free market food system. One that allows commodities like corn to be priced so low that would allow big business to develop monopolies over farmers and corn while reaping huge profits because of cheap corn. America now spends less of our income on food than any other generation in history (Pollan-2002). When you look at it in perspective, the agriculture our grandparents helped build was now growing fast food. This affecting our wallets, farmlands, and waistline. Some may say that our waistline and rate of disease are due to laziness and other factors. I disagree. I believe they are a direct relation to cheap, processed food made by cheap, industrialized corn. In order for us to decrease the consumption of corn, the government needs to cease its subsidizing of it. This will do two things. One, it let the markets adjust themselves at a rate that creates dependence on itself rather than assistance. Two, tighten the ability of lobbyist to affect change in agriculture and government policy that increase benefits to the very few. The bottom line here is this; big business reaps profits at the expense of the farmer. And the consumer? Well†¦. we are just scenery it seems in this great manipulation of industrialized food industry. And as I see it; in an economy where every dollar counts, doesn’t it make sense for the government to hang onto theirs? Pollan, Michael. The Omnivore’s Dilemma. â€Å"A Natural History of Four Meals†. April 2006 This well-known book has been called an â€Å"eater’s manifesto† by critics and peers alike. Pollan, Michael. What’s America Eating? Smithsonian, June 2006. Retrieved on October 4, 2012 http://michaelpollan. om/articles-archive/whats-eating-america/ An article, written with a chronological touch, that takes reader from â€Å"soup-to-nuts† on the history of corn and how it came to western America. Pollan, Michael. When Crop Becomes King. NY Times. July 2002. Retrieved on October 1, 2012 http://www. organicconsumers. org/toxic /toomuchcorn071902. cfm An article written in a way that is easily understood for most. This article describes Zea Mays (original term) from Central America to what we know today as corn Walsh, Bryan. â€Å"Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Corn†. Time Magazine. August 21, 2009. http://www. time. com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1917726-2,00. html Walsh is a senior writer for Time Magazine and a correspondent for the last 8 years Health Journalism Fellowship from the Center for Disease Control Foundation. As part of this fellowship, he attended training at the U. S. Centers for Disease Control during summer 2010. Wise, Timothy. Identifying the Real Winners from US Agricultural Policies. Tufts University. December 2005. Retrieved October 1, 2012. http://www. ase. tufts. edu/gdae/Pubs/wp/05-07RealWinnersUSAg. pdf How to cite One Nation Under Corn?, Papers

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Locke And The American Political System Essays -

Locke And The American Political System John Locke and his ideas about philosophy was a major influence on the American political system, not to mention many other political systems, too. His ideas were very universal, especially those regarding rights and freedom, two topics for which the United States of America is best known. Locke claimed that ?there is a law of nature governing human beings and that it is knowable by human reason?(Lavine, 136). This law of nature is the basis of American politics, one by which we all live by today. This law included the idea that all human beings are equal, ?possessing the same natural rights of life, liberty, and property...? and that all human beings have the ?same obligation not to infringe on the rights of other?(136). Most of laws and justifications Americans live by today are based on exactly these arguments. John Locke's statements about this law of nature for all human beings justified many revolutions, including the American revolution of 1776. Because this revolution had such a great impact on American political system, it is clear just how significant Locke's beliefs were, and still are. His ideas were even clearly put in the American Declaration of Independence. In Jefferson's words, the Declaration of Independence states: ?We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness...? Today, the American people may not recognize it at all, but they do all live by the laws revealed by John Locke.